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Podcast #32: POINT OF VIEW: Ray Paulick
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I was a reporter on a couple of daily newspapers when I was young, and while I was ill-equipped for the work at first, due to lack of education in some of the more serious aspects of life, I hung on tenaciously and finally got pretty good at it. I hung on because I was enchanted with newspapers--the work, and with the colorful people who did the work, and the speed and drama with which the product (the paper) was produced each day. The most thrilling scene in the world is the city room of a daily newspaper about 15 minutes before deadline.

So, you see, it is natural that I am grief stricken with news that some of America's most splendid newspapers are struggling to stay alive. How can that be? It is the damned Internet! Consequently, it is most ironic that I was lamenting this fact recently with a man who has developed what is easily the brightest niche on the Internet in the world of Thoroughbred racing. This would be Ray Paulick, creator of the PAULICK REPORT. Each day Ray puts out a sprightly journal dealing with the juicer, significant topics of our industry. He knows whereof he speaks because for 15 years he was editor of The Blood Horse, and before that he toiled at everything from being a ghost writer for Jimmy the Greek, to a Daily Racing Form handicapper, and lots of other colorful stuff in between. There would be no human being in racing more knowledgeable about every aspect of racing than Ray Paulick, and he has never encountered a sacred cow that impeded his forward progress. He has roughed up some high muckety mucks and in the process has come close to making them like it.

Sometimes I think I spend half my day reading about the racing industry. When I go home each night, my brief case is bulging with stuff that must be read. And, sadly, too much of it is better suited for The Wall Street Journal. Too fiscal; not enough horses.

With the demise, or at least belt tightening, of the newspapers has come the loss of fine racing beat writers who contributed so much to the thrills of the sport. But, happily, we've still got such writers as Haskin, Hovdey, Shulman, Crist, Clippinger, Simon, Liebman, Law, Bowen, Privman, Beyer, Rees, Rosenblatt, Finley…ooh this list is becoming long - and dangerous. Let me end by saying that if I could read only one report per day about my beloved sport of Thoroughbred racing I would have to go with the Paulick Report.

This is Cot Campbell and this is my view.

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