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Podcast #24: POINT OF VIEW: The Paulick Report
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As I utter these words I am pleased to learn that Ellis Park, a modest but colorful and traditional old track near Evansville, Indiana, has ironed out its financial squabble with the horsemen over offsite gambling revenue. After closing for a few days, happily it will now operate its dates in July and August, thus providing an important arena in the Midwest for modest horses-of which we all have a few.

Calder, the Miami track where Dogwood won its first stakes race in 1971 (a whopping $5,000 pot), has also settled with the horsemen after an acrimonious and financially damaging contractual dispute over-you guessed it!-the split of the betting handle, to oversimplify.

These topics, and all news of the racing industry is reported daily-indeed hourly-by various websites, with much probing commentary from a lot of good writers.

But nowhere is the probing as spirited, relentless, colorful, spicy and readable as the new "Paulick Report."

Ray Paulick is the former editor of The Blood-Horse. Before that he had a varied, in-the-trenches background in racing. He knows about a racehorse, can dissect the hell out of a horse race, and understands the workings of the industry, the skeletons in the closet, and the warts on the players. When he encounters feathers he is not in the least concerned about ruffling them. The result is that the first thing all of us at Dogwood do each morning is devour the "Paulick Report."

I recommend it highly.

Oh! And another thing: If you're like me, you customarily watch the evening network news on television. If you do, you are bombarded with commercials insisting on your contemplation of matters concerning bladder control, acid reflux, constipation, erectile dysfunction, stool softeners... ad infinitum.

With Mr. Paulick's "Report" you will not encounter any of these burdensome topics.

This is Cot Campbell, and this is my view.

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