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Podcast #6: POINT OF VIEW: Saratoga vs. Lexington
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I am a Director of an outfit called Concerned Citizens for Saratoga Racing. The purpose of this organization is to try to maintain the historic tradition and purity of the wonderful old Saratoga Race Course and its annual seven-week meeting in late summer. While at Saratoga this year, the organization asked me – in the role of racehorse owner – to speak at a news conference on what Saratoga means to racing. I did speak at this heavily attended session, and I was greatly caught up in the spirit of the mission.

In that frame of mind I said, “Louisville is fine, Lexington is okay, Miami is alright, but Saratoga is the place everyone wants to visit for racing.”

My comments depicted accurately my attitude about Saratoga, but they badly denigrated some of the other cities – Lexington in particular. A number of Lexingtonians have called this to my attention – particularly my good friend Nick Nicholson, President of Keeneland, who chided me pleasantly about it. These people are absolutely correct – I was off base…I was disloyal.

My life in horse racing – which probably began when I was a child and visited Lexington and saw the legendary Man o’War – has been fashioned to a great extent by Lexington, Kentucky. While I am not as enamored of the burgeoning inner city these days as I once was, I do love the countryside, and I adore Keeneland. Keeneland is one of the classiest operations of any sort, in any industry, in any country!

Some of my greatest moments have been spent there – and certainly some lesser, disappointing ones. I herewith apologize for my careless words while overly enthusiastic in the moment at Saratoga. This caused me to downplay my love for Lexington, and certainly Keeneland. Lexingtonians, do forgive a devoted adopted son.

This is Cot Campbell and this is my view.

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